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bfonics Proximity Payment API

Proxpay API works on Wi-Fi and beacon technologies where a customer who intends to pay using proximity is recognized by beacons placed at the respective stores.

The customer will be automatically authenticated using his/her profile picture and ID after which payment will be initiated at the POS.

The Payment API


Proxpay is bfonics’s proximity payment API that allows customers to make hands free payments wherein customers will be automatically authenticated and payment will be initiated at the POS.

The Features

featuresCertain features of bfonics Proxpay makes it one of the most user friendly payment solutions. Proxpay API’s compatibility with all types of payment wallets and POS systems.

Its Hands Free


Unlike many other proximity payment solutions, the customers need not pull out their phone or wallet to make the payment.

Seamless & Fast

fastThe transaction of the bill happens in the background causing zero hurdles to the customer. The customer will be instantly notified on completion of the transaction and the purchase details will sent to their phone.

Safe & Secure

safeProxpay is a trustable and secure platform which does not store nor share to a third party, the customer’s card information or transaction details and is also free from any other discrepancies or cyber theft threats.

Choose To Pay

payWith Proxpay, it is the customer who decides to pay using the API rather than the store payment systems. The decision to make payment hands free lies with the customers and has full control over the transactions that happen.

Easier Than Queues And Cards


Proxpay, the proximity payment API of bfonics has robust features and functionalities

that provide easy payment solutions to any kind of business.