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Healthcare facilities with the right mix of technology tools provide effective solutions for patient care.

Automated Check-in

The platform recognizes patients who visit frequently, they can check in and register for a doctor visit instantly.

Contextual information

Location based contextual information can be shared with patients, doctors and staff, right on their phones using the app.

Queue Management

bfonics platform will generate m-tokens for visitors, send alerts once their turn comes and are also updated on wait times.

Recognize Visitors

The platform will recognize patients and frequent visitors, thus giving doctors all relevant information at their finger tips beforehand.

Integration with Wearables

The platform can be integrated with wearable technology such as health bands, smart watches and jewelry in order to provide hyper local content delivery.

Staff Communication

The app for employees allow improved staff communication and Tracking, real time.

Heat Maps And Footfall

Hospital admin can use our cloud platform to get valuable insights on total footfall, heat maps and movement pattern of visitors.

Maps and navigation

Patients will be provided with a map on their mobile app in order to find places inside a hospital and save time.

Delivering Value to Patients,

Improving Experience

Content Management Tool

Patient information, appointments, schedules and other contents can be created and managed effectively.

Location Tool

Locating and identify the position of patients and staff inside a large hospital is possible using this tool.

Analytics Tool 

Patient movements, heat maps and analytics based rich insights will be available with the help of this tool.

Recognition Tool

Hospital staff and doctors will be able to recognize patients and regular visitors using this tool, which will help provide necessary assistance to these patients.

Delivering Value to Patients, Improving Experience