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We are a team of professionals, industry experts, developers, designers and marketing specialists who work together to bring the idea of customer engagement to reality. We provide professional, innovative and technologically advanced customer engagement solutions to clients. Our clientele and partnerships spread across continents and our expertise is well appreciated in the industry.
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Events & Sports Arenas

We provide a comprehensive tool to manage guests and carry out events effectively.

Seamless entry and exit for guests at event venues is possible using bfonics platform. With the help of the event app, a guest entering the venue with be authenticated and a mobile pass will be generated.


As the guest moves inside the venue, event agenda and session details can be forwarded to their smart phones instantaneously. The guest can view a map of the hall on the app and locate their seat with ease.


Alerts and notifications

Important alerts, information and messages can be passed onto a large group of audience at once. Advertisement and promotion contents can be pushed through the platform to the app carried by the users.


As soon as a visitor enters the venue, he/she will get a complete map of the venue on the phone. The event app will help visitors locate various sections like the parking lots, elevators or kiosks.


Sponsors and Brands can promote their product to a highly targeted set of audience at the right place and time. Visitors gain access to information on stalls, products and sponsors while passing by and also have the option of purchasing directly through the app.


Easy mobile payments for tickets, payment for seat upgrades and product purchases is possible using the app. Visitors can also buy products and order food directly from their seats without the hassle of moving around or locating the cafeteria.


Footfall and heat maps

bfonics platform allows real time monitoring of the traffic patterns (heat maps) and movement of the visitors. Brands can use the data for better placement of bill boards and physical ads and provide location specific deals.


Our platform measures visitor behavior real time that helps create better promotion campaigns. Event organizers will be able to identify visitors’ interest and provide services accordingly and also be able to create a better event experience.

Powerful Platform Tools For

Powerful Experience

Guest Attendance Tool

This tool allows your guests to do seamless entry without a physical pass.

Content Management Tool

Create, manage and publish contents as per changing requirements of the event.

Analytics Tool

Valuable data generated by the platform can be viewed, downloaded and used as reports for effective decision making.

Notifications Tool

Create and push location specific deals, offers and information messages using this tool.