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We don't do marketing, we live it
We are a team of professionals, industry experts, developers, designers and marketing specialists who work together to bring the idea of customer engagement to reality. We provide professional, innovative and technologically advanced customer engagement solutions to clients. Our clientele and partnerships spread across continents and our expertise is well appreciated in the industry.
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App Publishers

Promote, popularize and monetize apps by being part of the network

A medium for publishers to drive traffic and generate revenue

The different mobile applications in our network are our partner apps which has visibility, reach and specific target audience in its kitty. Mobile application publishers have been sought by brand advertisers with the expectation of reaching out to this audience in a way that is both engaging and targeted.


Location or context being the keyword here as that’s exactly what, proximity based marketing systems allow for. In effect, this allows for advertisers and marketers to deliver contextually relevant messages to the consumer. This gives the consumer a greater incentive to visit the store as it requires much lesser effort compared to if a consumer were to come across the same advertisement on their television set in the comfort of their home.



Of course, even if you have the best location, the question arises as to how close the user might need to be to a particular location for the marketing to be transmitted via beacons. Using our proximity technology platform, marketers can precisely pinpoint locations where, if the consumers are present within, it automatically triggers the marketing messages/advertisements to their mobile devices.

Advantages Of Proximity Platform Network

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Consumer Awareness

Slowly but surely, we aim to create the largest proximity-aware mobile app demographic in the world. A unified network that allows for brands and retailers to reach an absurd amount of customers while said customers are shopping leisurely at various locations. This network aims to provide a more immersive and unique experience that could potentially be very profitable to retailers all over the world.

Enhanced Platform Features

Designed for marketers by marketers, exploit and take full advantage of Beacon and Wi-Fi technologies, which allows one to experience the industry’s unrivalled and most awesome proximity marketing.  The platform allows marketers to plan, design and implement an effective proximity marketing strategy. The sheer amount of possibilities that this revolutionary new technology allows for is in itself mind-bogglingly amazing.


Contextual Location Accuracy

Our platform allows customers to receive mobile and portable content at exact and accurate indoor areas. Much more hassle-free and accurate compared to GPS-based mobile marketing and much more precise when compared to generic wi-fi marketing and obviously much more enriching and immersive when compared to the near-obsolete paper and cardboard based in-store marketing techniques.

App Publisher Benefits

Generate Profit

By being part of our network, app publishers get the opportunity to reach a larger group of audience in our existing engagement platform. Profit generation is realistic if publishers use this network and engage brands and third party advertisers.

Interactive Experience

Using our smart engagement platform an app publisher gets to deliver a more-enriched, relevant and immersive experience, while the consumers leisurely shops. The app will be able to provide proximity based contents real time to the customer’s phone.

Innovative advertisement

The limitless possibilities offered by bfonics platform offers the apps a complete and total freedom to innovate and invent advertisement strategies. The app publisher can design and market contents based on their requirements and modify according to the target audience.